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Protect Your Wealth & Honor Your Convictions

Christian Financial Advisors who help you plan for the future and keep your financial independence while honoring your Biblical convictions


Everybody wants to have financial independence, but navigating through your investments may feel overwhelming. For over forty years, we have helped thousands of families nationwide become even better financial stewards. Using our complete financial stewardship approach, you too can be on the path to protecting your wealth, planning for the future, and keeping your financial independence.

How We Help Families Become Even Better
Financial Stewards

Wealth Management

Maintain your financial independence with comprehensive wealth planning that honors your convictions and protects your wealth.

Investment Planning

Confidently prepare for the future with complete investment planning so you can comfortably rest knowing your investments are well managed.

Estate Planning

Plan for the future so your loved ones are secure from unnecessary confusion and expenses upon a family member’s disability or death.

Tax Planning

Protect your wealth from unnecessary taxation and have your investments managed with tax planning in mind.

Insurance Planning

Prevent your wealth from being unjustly taken and provide for your loved ones with insurance planning that will meet your family’s unexpected needs.

Charitable Planning

Leave a legacy and make a difference in your church or a ministry by starting a Donor Advised Fund, Charitable Remainder Trust, or Gift Annuity.


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This guide provides twenty daily readings, each exploring God’s call to Christians to become stewards of His bountiful provision. They are intended to encourage us, to rebuke us sometimes, and to instruct us.

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