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“This guide provides twenty daily readings, each exploring God’s call to Christians to become stewards of His bountiful provision. They are intended to encourage us, to rebuke us sometimes, and to instruct us.

Money is a sensitive issue in our culture. And yet it is central to our commitment to Jesus Christ and a yardstick to measure our understanding of grace.”

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Our Mission: Helping Christians Become Even
Better Financial Stewards

At The Life Financial Group, we are passionate about helping Christians become even better stewards of God’s gifts. We believe it’s important for believers to have every aspect of their lives transformed by the application of Biblical truths. This includes the way that money is viewed, managed, and invested. We believe that all things belong to God, including our money, and we should exercise Biblical stewardship of all our resources.

Therefore, we’re passionate about offering stewardship help three different ways: The Life Financial Group (wealth management), Beacon Tax Services (tax preparation and planning), and Life Institute (Biblical stewardship seminars).

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Life Financial Group

Trusted advisors to help you plan for the future and protect your wealth while honoring your Biblical convictions.

Life Institute

A live church seminar event to help Christians establish a Biblical framework for everyday financial decisions.